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Based in Dundee, Scotland: Steve Page Lighting Hire serves the wider Angus Fife and Perthshire Areas. We provide lighting hire for live events including Stage Shows, Weddings, Art Events, Product Launches and more. We also stock a range of Projection facilities.


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When making contact please do give as much information as possible about the nature of your enquiry or event. In particular dates , times and location of venue please. Without that information we are unable to provide a quotation.




Postal Address / Telephone:

For security reasons and to reduce the mountains of junk mail and telesales calls we are plagued with,  our address and phone number are deliberately not displayed on this website - we are based in Dundee, Scotland and are happy to meet face to face with potential customers locally to discuss any project, but prefer initial contact by email. If you email us with a phone number then we'll happily call you back at a time that suits you.


Employment Enquiries

It is very helpful for us to be made aware of persons working in a freelance lighting, sound or event styling capacity in the general Dundee, Fife and Perthshire areas, or persons wishing to get involved in the events industries. However there are no full or part time vacancies with us at this time. Freelancers wishing to work with us should email us to arrange a chat, please enclose a brief CV, salary expectations and if you have your own transport. 


Joint Working / Partnering Opportunities:

We maintain our independence and are not tied to any other companies, however we are often asked by clients for advice on other services to support their event. It is therefore helpful to meet with other suppliers and venue operators in the area to ensure that we are aware of your capabilities and needs. We do offer a "one-stop shop" arrangement for clients and support others who do similarly - so if you're a company that needs additional lighting, sound hire or projection support then have a chat with us.


Sales Agents: 

Please be aware that we have a very strict policy of not purchasing from companies who send repeated emails or anything which could even remotely be considered as spam communications. The above address should not be added to any mailing lists without our express permission. In particular, we do not import equipment direct from Chinese companies... it really doesn't matter how many times you email us - it isn't going to happen.


Mailing Lists:

We hate receiving spam, and so don't produce any either. If you supply us with your email address - it will only be used to communicate about your events, we won't pass it on. If you want to keep in touch with what we do, then please follow our facebook and instagram feeds.







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