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Outdoor Lights

We stock a large quantity of outdoor lighting equipment so that your guests can safely navigate and enjoy the venue after dark. If you're wanting to make use of the outdoors after sunset then we have hire solutions that can help.

outdoor garden event lighting hire

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examples of our outdoor lighting on hire

Fingask Castle

Our lighting hire service here included Illumination of the garden which lies between the marquee and main residence

For most events at Fingask a random colour scheme is requested but our outdoor lights can be adjusted to reflect specific colours or even change colour over time if preferred

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Abercairny Estate, Perthshire.

For this event the client wanted to create a dramatic entrance for guests arriving after dark.

White festoon lights provided lighting for the pathways whilst our coloured floodlights washed the front of the building.

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Mains Castle, Dundee.

Illumination of the building with the addition of path lighting to guide guests safely into the building after sunset.

Our path lighting hire options include the brighter spotlights shown here, but also available are smaller more subtle spotlights which can be hidden below foliage or small lanterns which offer a gentle glow of light over an area.

(prior to offering a quotation for path lighting, if we don't already know the venue, we will require to know the length of the route that needs illuminated and what the surface is like - as the majority of our path lights need to be placed on a soft surface such as grass).

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